H5P activities list

This book includes 18 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1Chapter 2: Quiz set on BODYQuestion Set
3test drag and dropDrag and Drop
4Test Drag and DropDrag the Words
8Chapter 4, Modern Dance TimelineTimeline
12Chapter 2 Quiz set on ENERGYQuestion Set
22Ballet TimelineTimeline
25European Renaissance versus the EnlightenmentDrag and Drop
26Chapter 2: Quiz set on SPACEQuestion Set
27Chapter 2: Quiz set on TIMEQuestion Set
28Romantic versus Classical BalletsDrag and Drop
29Avant-Garde versus Neoclassical BalletsDrag and Drop
31Chapter 7, Hip-Hop CrosswordCrossword
32Chapter 4 Modern Dance Quiz 1Drag the Words
33Chapter 4 Modern Dance Quiz 2Drag the Words
34Chapter 7, Hip-Hop QuizQuestion Set
35Chapter 5: Tap, Jazz, Musical TheaterDialog Cards
37Chapter 5 Tap, Jazz, Musical TheaterSingle Choice Set
38Chapter 5 Tap, Jazz, Musical Theater QuizQuestion Set