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61Ch.3 Sección 1-AR verb practiceFlashcards
62Ch.3 Sección 1 Actividad 3. La vida de JuanFill in the Blanks
63Ch.3 Sección 1 - Conjugating regular -ar, -er, -ir verbs in the present tenseDrag the Words
64CH.3 Sección 2 Gusta o GustanFill in the Blanks
65Ch.3 Sección 3 Deber + infinitive, necesitar + infinitivo, tener que + infinitivoQuestion Set
66InterrogativosDrag the Words
67En un restauranteInteractive Video
68MexicoQuestion Set
69FridaQuestion Set
70La FamiliaJust like in English, we have words or phrases for family members. These words that will show Spanish speakers you know relationships between family members Based on the picture above, drag the words into the correct boxesDrag the Words
71Members of the family (Directions: Click on the hotspots to learn about family ties)Image Hotspots
72La familia realDrag the Words
73Escuchar: La FamiliaQuestion Set
74La familia de Álex - Mark the following statements as "cierto" (true) or "falso" (false).Column
75PRACTIQUEMOS. Stem-changing verbs (e-ie): Un fin de semana típico de los estudiantes.Fill in the Blanks
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