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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1Chapter 1: Earliest Hominid AncestorMultiple Choice
2Chapter 1: Important Regions for the Development of Western CivililzationTrue/False Question
3Chapter 1: Development of AgricultureSummary
4Chapter 1: Location of AkkadMultiple Choice
5Chapter 1: CuneiformFill in the Blanks
6Chapter 2: HieroglyphicsMultiple Choice
8Chapter 2: Step PyramidsMultiple Choice
9Chapter 2: HatshepsutFill in the Blanks
10Chapter 2: Unification of EgyptFill in the Blanks
11Chapter 2: AkhenaternTrue/False Question
12Chapter 3: Bronze Age RegionsDrag and Drop
13Chapter 3: HittitesMultiple Choice
14Chapter 3: Early Greek CivilizationsFill in the Blanks
15Chapter 3: Development of the Syllabic AlphabetTrue/False Question
16Chapter 3: Abrahamic ReligionsDrag the Words
17Chapter 4: MinoansFill in the Blanks
18Chapter 4: Greek Dark AgesDrag the Words
19Chapter 4: MycenaeansMultiple Choice
20Chapter 4: The OlympicsTrue/False Question
21Chapter 4: HoplitesDrag the Words
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