H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1True/False RussiaTrue/False Question
2agricultureTrue/False Question
3agricultureTrue/False Question
4Europe H5p Physical GeographyColumn
5Chapter 10 At end of “The Emergence of Modern China”True/False Question
6Chapter 10 Political UnitsMultiple Choice
7Chapter 10 PopulationMultiple Choice
8Chapter 10 Ethnic GroupsMultiple Choice
9Chapter 10 Economic SummaryTrue/False Question
10Chapter 10 Growth of Enterprise and IndustryMultiple Choice
121.1Drag the Words
13Chapter 2 Location and ClimateTrue/False Question
14Chapter 2 Alpine RegionMultiple Choice
15Chapter 2 ColonialismSort the Paragraphs
16Chapter 2 Industrial RevolutionTrue/False Question
17Chapter 2: at the end of Northern EuropeMultiple Choice
18Chapter 2: At the end of The Benelux CountriesMultiple Choice
19Chapter 2: At the end of The Alpine CenterMultiple Choice
20Chapter 2: at the end of BulgariaSingle Choice Set
21Chapter 10: at the end of Hong Kong and ShenzhenSingle Choice Set
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