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1Ch. 4 Cell Structure Organelle Matching ExerciseDrag the Words
2Ch. 4 Cell Structure ComponentsMultiple Choice
3Ch. 4 Cell Structure Prokaryotes and EukaryotesDrag the Words
4Ch. 4 Cell Structure Unified Cell TheoryMultiple Choice
5Ch. 4 Cell Structure Intercellular JunctionDrag the Words
6Ch. 7 Cellular Respiration Glycolysis Output ModulesFill in the Blanks
7Ch. 7 Cellular Respiration Glycolysis StepsMultiple Choice
8Ch. 7 Cellular Respiration Carbon Atoms FateMultiple Choice
9Ch. 7 Cellular Respiration Citric Acid MoleculesFill in the Blanks
10Ch. 7 Cellular Respiration ATP ProductionMultiple Choice
11Ch. 2 Chemical Foundation NucleusTrue/False Question
12Ch. 2 Chemical Foundation AtomsMultiple Choice
13Ch. 2 Chemical Foundation Water PolarityTrue/False Question
14Ch. 2 Chemical Foundation Excess HydrogenMultiple Choice
15Ch. 3 Biological Macromolecules Polymer BreakdownMultiple Choice
16Ch. 3 Biological Macromolecules MonosaccharideMultiple Choice
17Ch. 3 Biological Macromolecules Protein StructureMultiple Choice
18Ch. 3 Biological Macromolecules Nucleic AcidsMultiple Choice
19Ch. 5 Structure and Function of Plasma Membranes Mosaic FluidFill in the Blanks
20Ch. 5 Structure and Function of Plasma Membranes DiffusionTrue/False Question
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