The Creation of This Book

This textbook was created as part of the Interactive OER for Dual Enrollment project, facilitated by LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network and funded by a $2 million Open Textbooks Pilot Program grant from the Department of Education.

This project supports the extension of access to high-quality post-secondary opportunities to high school students across Louisiana and beyond by creating materials that can be adopted for dual enrollment environments. Dual enrollment is the opportunity for a student to be enrolled in high school and college at the same time.

The cohort-developed OER course materials are released under a license that permits their free use, reuse, modification and sharing with others. This includes a corresponding course available in MoodleNet and Canvas Commons with labs that corresponds to the lab manual, and in MoodleNet and Canvas Commons without labs. These can be imported to other Learning Management System platforms. For access/questions, contact Affordable Learning Louisiana.

If you are adopting this textbook, we would be glad to know of your use via this brief survey.

Adaptation Statement

“Biology Part I” has been revised and remixed for the LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network and Open Textbooks Pilot Program grant from the Department of Education by Stephanie Aamodt, Jennifer Blanchard, Ruby Broadway, Hope Clay, Christian Clement, Waneene Dorsey, Sarah Hunter, Illya Tietzel, and Peter Yaukey, with editors Emily Frank, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, and Maletta Payne. This work retains the original CC BY 4.0 license set forth by the original authors, unless otherwise noted in the text.

This book is an adaptation of the OpenStax “Biology 2e” textbook (originally published by OpenStax, downloaded for adaptation here from BC Campus) and was originally authored by Mary Ann Clark, Texas Wesleyan University, Matthew Douglas, Grand Rapids Community College, Jung Choi, Georgia Institute of Technology and last updated 2018.  This text is licensed as CC BY 4.0.  We would like to wholeheartedly thank these authors as well as Rice University’s OpenStax for their tremendous work in this area of open educational resources.

The following changes were made to this book as a whole:

  • Some chapters were removed and all chapter numbers were updated to make this a concise resource to align with Biology I Lecture and Lab for Science Majors.
  • H5P activities/multimedia were inserted into sections to reinforce concepts.
  • Minor text edits for grammar, punctuation, and clarification were made throughout
  • Minor edits involving fonts, spacing, and other formatting
  • Updated figure and table numbers to match added/deleted figures and captions
  • Added additional key terms and bolded in the text

The following chapter sections were updated to address specific topics:

  • Chapter 1 The Study of Life: added section on levels of taxonomy (Hope Clay)
  • Chapter 2 The Chemical Foundation of Life: replaced some critical thinking questions (Peter Yaukey)
  • Chapter 3 Biological Macromolecules: replaced some critical thinking questions; replaced figure 3.32 (Peter Yaukey)
  • Chapter 4 Cell Structure: added information about cell walls, microorganisms (Sarah Hunter)
  • Chapter 5 Structure and Function of Plasma Membranes: added additional examples; replaced diffusion figure; replaced some critical thinking questions (Waneene Dorsey)
  • Chapter 6 Metabolism: replaced energy figure; replaced metabolic pathways figure; added enzyme figure (Waneene Dorsey)
  • Chapter 7 Cellular Respiration: removed some parts of Glycolysis section; added image captions; renumbered figures; resized some figures; removed some review questions; replaced some critical thinking questions; renumbered review and critical thinking questions (Stephanie Aamodt)
  • Chapter 8: added “photosynthesis” definition (Jennifer Blanchard)
  • Chapter 10 Cell Reproduction: added introductory paragraph; added section on Mitotic Spindle; added content to Karyokinesis (Mitosis) (Christian Clement)
  • Chapter 11 Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction: replaced image Figure 5.12.1 Family resemblance (Christian Clement)
  • Chapter 12 Mendel’s Experiments and Heredity: replaced and renumbered some critical thinking questions; replaced figure in 12.3, 12.7, 12.7B, 12.15 image (Illya Tietzel)
  • Chapter 13 Modern Understandings of Inheritance: reorganized sections (Hope Clay)
  • Chapter 14 DNA Structure and Function: replaced critical thinking questions (Ruby Broadway)
  • Chapter 15 Genes and Proteins: replaced critical thinking questions (Ruby Broadway)
  • Chapter 17 Ethics & Societal Responsibility: authored entirely new content (Illya Tietzel)

Review Statement

This textbook and its accompanying course materials went through at least two review processes:

  • Peer reviewers, coordinated by Jared Eusea, River Parish Community College, used an online course development standard rubric for assessing the quality and content of each course to ensure that the courses developed through Interactive OER for Dual Enrollment support online learners in that environment. The evaluation framework reflects a commitment to accessibility and usability for all learners.
    • Reviewers
      • Andrea Leonard
      • Francesca Mellieon-Williams
      • Esperanza Zenon
      • Iris Henry
  • The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) collaborated with LOUIS to review course materials and ensure their appropriateness for dual enrollment audiences.  Review criteria were drawn from factors that apply across dual enrollment courses and subject areas, such as determining appropriate reading levels, assessing the fit of topics and examples for high school DE students; applying high-level principles for quality curriculum design, including designing for accessibility, appropriate student knowledge checks, and effective scaffolding of student tasks and prior knowledge requirements, addressing adaptability and open educational practices, and principles related to inclusion and representational social justice.
    • Reviewers
      • Jennifer Simon
      • Latoya T Paul
      • Emily Jackson-Osagie


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Biology Part I Copyright © 2022 by LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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