61 Critical Thinking Questions

16. Does physical exercise involve anabolic and/or catabolic processes? Give evidence for your answer.

17. Name two different cellular functions that require energy that parallel human energy-requiring functions.

18. Explain in your own words the difference between a spontaneous reaction and one that occurs instantaneously, and what causes this difference.

19. Describe the position of the transition state on a vertical energy scale, from low to high, relative to the position of the reactants and products, for both endergonic and exergonic reactions.

20. Imagine an elaborate ant farm with tunnels and passageways through the sand where ants live in a large community. Now imagine that an earthquake shook the ground and demolished the ant farm. In which of these two scenarios, before or after the earthquake, was the ant farm system in a state of higher or lower entropy?

21. Energy transfers take place constantly in everyday activities. Think of two scenarios: cooking on a stove and driving. Explain how the second law of thermodynamics applies to these two scenarios.

22. Do you think that the EA for ATP hydrolysis is relatively low or high? Explain your reasoning.

23. With regard to enzymes, why are vitamins necessary for good health? Give examples.

24. Explain in your own words how enzyme feedback inhibition benefits a cell.


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