Chapter 1: Foundations of Communication

Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter you should be able to:

  • Explain communication studies
  • Define communication
  • Explain the Linear and Transactional Models of Communication
  • Discuss the benefits of studying communication

You are probably reading this book because you are taking an introductory communication course at the college level. Many colleges and universities around the country require students to take some type of communication course in order to graduate. Introductory communication classes include courses on public speaking, interpersonal communication, or a class that combines both. While these are some of the most common introductory communication courses, many communication departments are now offering an introductory course that explains what communication is, how it is studied as an academic field, and what areas of specialization make up the field of communication. In other words, these are survey courses similar to courses such as Introduction to Sociology or Introduction to Psychology. Our goal in this text is to introduce you to the field of communication as an academic discipline of study.


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