Student Worksheet: Compare and Evaluate

Student Worksheet for Compare-and-Contrast Essay

Compare-and-Contrast Essay

Length requirement:

Point of view (first person or third person): Third person

Due date:

Rhetorical mode and chosen topic:


Research requirements:

While research is not required, please cite any research that you incorporate or consult. Your primary mode of information will come from your own observation, most likely.

Thinking ahead:

Essay’s main idea and thesis statement:

How do you treat people, places, and phenomena that have similarities and differences? How do you choose between these two related things or people? This is the purpose of a compare-and-contrast essay. Your thesis should frame the two to three subjects and allude to the importance of this comparison.

Basic necessary elements in paper:

  • Thesis
  • Logical organization
  • Evidence
  • Two to three similar, yet different, items to compare
  • Introduction
  • Conclusion

Questions to ask about the paper:

Did you choose items to compare that have appreciable differences and enough similarities?

Does your paper have a narrative, or is it a list? It should not be a list…

Does your essay have a thesis? Does it explain or gesture toward the significance of your comparison/contrast?

Does your paper organize the comparison/contrast in a logical fashion—usually by types of similarities/types of differences?


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