Appendix A

Music Resources

Chapter 1 How Music Makes Sense

audio examples provided by Sound Reasoning

Chapter 2 How Music Is Created

audio examples provided Understanding Music by N. Alan Clark, Thomas Heflin, and Elizabeth Kramer

Music before 1600 CE

Bingen: “Ave Generosa”

Jeremy Summerly; Oxford Camerata

℗ 2007  Experience Music Disc 3

Mauchaut: “Agnes Dei” from Messa de Notre Dame

Jeremy Summerly; Oxford Camerata

℗ 2009 Naxos

Dia: “A Chantar”

Vocal Music (Medieval)—Walther Von Der Vogelweide—Oswald Von Wolkenstein—Codax (Songs of Women in the Middle Ages)

℗ 2008 Christophorus

Josquin: “Ave Maria” (“Hail, Mary”)

La Chapelle Royale; Philippe Herreweghe, director

℗ 1986 harmonia hundi s.a.

Courtesy of harmonia mundi usa

Farmer: “Fair Phyllis”

Quink Vocal Ensemble

℗ 1993 TELARC

Courtesy of Concord Music Group

Dowland: “Flow My Tears”

Paul Bowman, countertenor; David Miller, lute

℗1989 Hyperion Records Ltd.

Courtesy of Hyperion Records Ltd.

Praetorius: Three Dances from Terpsichore

Ensemble Bourrasque; Bertil Farmlof, conductor

℗1998 HNH International Ltd.

Courtesy of Naxos of America


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