Capítulo cuatro: Mi familia

Chapter Four: My Family


Chapter Objectives:

Before beginning this chapter, it is important to recognize which skills and tasks you will be expected to learn to perform. Do you already have some previous skills or knowledge in these areas that you can use to your advantage? Are there any topics that you foresee being difficult? If so, it is a good idea to pursue additional assistance to get ahead of any potential issues. You are the master of your education—you have the power to take ownership of your learning!

In this chapter, I will:

Explain how the last names are used in Spanish speaking countries

Discuss places where people go for different activities, products, and services

Express actions that will happen in the near future

State prices and dates

Express my likes and dislikes

Describe my family

Express possession

Discuss daily routine

Discuss cultural, historical, economical, and geographical information about the Dominican Republic

Chapter Overview:

Welcome to chapter 4 “Mi familia”. In chapter 3 you learned to describe the way you and others live and examined how daily activities can reflect culture and other values. In chapter 4 you will continue sharing some of your daily habits and routines with classmates. Afterward, you will reflect on how those daily routines may or may not be representative of your values, perspective, or culture. Also, you will discuss your plans with family and friends and activities you like to do. You will talk with classmates about your family and relatives. As always, you will build vocabulary and grammar skills to help you express yourself and understand what others share







Frequency words

The verb ir to express where we go

Ir + a + infinitive to express actions in the future

Stem-changing verbs

Possessive Adjectives


El sistema de dos apellidos

La familia real española

La familia Quispe Gonzalez

Country Overview: República Dominicana



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