How To Use This Sandbox

Welcome! This is a sandbox for faculty and librarians associated with the Interactive OER for Dual Enrollment project. Each cohort has a chapter within this sandbox book.

You can access the authoring and editing platform by selecting the the Edit button within your chapter or by using the Admin button in the upper right corner.

Practice Activities

These activities come from the Sandbox Instructions for OEN Pressbooks Demo:

Explore the visual editor

The Pressbooks authoring and editing platform is where your book creation will take place. From within that platform, the left hand side of your book, navigate to the Organize module. Hop into your chapter and try adding text, adding an image, and adding a Youtube video. If you’re interested, go through the visual editor to explore the different textboxes, tables, headings, etc.

Directory exploration

Search the Pressbooks Directory. Explore the Sort & Filter options, and Take a Tour on the page if you’re curious on how to use the tool.

Find a work on the directory to adapt

Find an openly licensed work to adapt from the Pressbooks Directory. Use the license filter on the left-hand side to find an openly licensed work. On your sandbox book, you can now use the Import tool under Tools to bring in chapter(s) from another Pressbooks book.

Include H5P activities

Navigate to H5P Content on the left hand side. Clicking on this module will take you to the H5P Hub. Explore the different activities that H5P has to offer. Create an activity and insert it into your book. Here’s the corresponding guide chapter: H5P Interactive Content.


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