Summary of Adaptations

Full Resource Adaptations

This resource started with the original adapted textbooks noted under each Chapter Heading below.

Across all chapters of the resource, the following changes were done (where necessary):

  • Edited all mathematical notations to have them appear in LaTex
  • Created and added H5P activities for select exercises
  • Embedded some content videos (or added video links) from YouTube
  • Added solutions with drop-downs for select exercises
  • Added Learning Objectives for all Sections
  • Enabled glossary term functionality
  • Consistent colored textboxes throughout
  • Added Heading 1 to main parts for Table of Contents
  • Minor editing, removal, and reordering of content (including exercises and examples) for flow and clarity
  • Adjusted language for clarity
  • Images on Introductions captioned for accessibility – same captions provided from source; alt-tag used as provided from source


Chapter-Specific Changes

Chapter 1 Linear Equations

  • Removed end of Section problems
  • Section 1.2 – Removed example 2

Chapter 2 Matrices

  • Matrix Calculator (Section 2.5) added

Chapter 3 Linear Programming

  • Section 3.2:
    • Removed the “Readiness Quiz” in the beginning of the section
    • Took out the examples where they asked to write the inequality shown by the shaded region of the graph with the given boundary line
  • Made Example and Exercise changes to incorporate Louisiana references

Chapter 4 Finance

  • Section 4.2: used “Important Topics of this Section” to objectives and edited as needed
  • Made Example and Exercise changes to incorporate Louisiana
  • TVM Solver (Section 4.6) added
    • Examples and Exercises from Sections 4.2-4.5, changed explanations on how to work them using the TVM Solver

Chapter 5 Sets

  • Removed content (photo at the beginning, People in Mathematics, Video, and Who Knew?)

Chapter 7 Logic

  • Sections 7.1 and 7.2:
    • changed “checkpoints” to “Notes”
    • removed extra “FYI” information
  • Section 7.3:
    • changed (c) in example 1 and exercise 1 to make it about Louisiana
  • Added content video links
  • Made Example and Exercise changes to incorporate Louisiana

Chapter 8 Statistics

  • Removed Bar Charts for Labeled Data section
  • Removed Google Sheets Examples and Exercises
  • Edited text to include “In this book, we will not compute [latex]r[/latex], but instead will approximate it based on the shape of the scatterplots. In future statistics courses, you may learn how to use technology to compute [latex]r[/latex].”
  • Made Example and Exercise changes to incorporate Louisiana
  • Statistics Calculator (Section 8.8) added

Back Matter

  • Matrix Calculator page added
  • TVM Solver page added
  • Statistics Calculator (Desmos) page added


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