43 Capítulo 4: Vocabulario del capítulo



Abuelo/a Grandfather/Grandmother
Almorzar (o:ue) To eat lunch
La biblioteca Library
El café Café
La cafetería Cafeteria
La carnicería Butcher shop
El centro Downtown
El centro comercial Mall
El cine Cinema / Movie theater /

“The movies”

Costar (o:ue) To cost
Cuñado/a Brother/Sister-in-law
Decir (e:i) To say/tell
Dormir (o:ue) To sleep
Empezar (e:ie) To start/begin
Encontrar (o:ue) To find
Entender (e:ie) To understand
Esposo/a Spouse/Husband/Wife
Este/esta This
La farmacia Pharmacy
La floristería Flower shop
La frutería Fruit stand
Gustar To please / To like
La heladería Ice cream shop
Hijo/a Son/Daughter
Hermano/a Brother/Sister/Sibling
El hotel Hotel
Hoy Today
Ir To go
Ir + a + infinitivo To be going to
Jugar (u:ue) To play
La juguetería Toy store
Madre Mother
Marido Husband
Mentir (e:ie) To lie
Mi/ mis My
Mujer Woman/Wife
Nieto/a Grandson/Granddaughter
Novio/a Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Nuera Daughter-in-law
Nuestro/a/os/as Our
Padre Father
La panadería Bakery
La papelería Stationary store (school and office supplies)
Pedir (e:i) To ask for / To order
Pensar (e:ie) To think
Perder (e:ie) To lose / To miss (an event)
Poder (o:ue) Can / To be able to
Por la mañana/tarde/noche In the morning/afternoon/evening (at night) Note: Por is used when no specific time is stated. If a specific time is stated, use de instead.
Preferir (e:ie) To prefer / To rather
Primo/a Cousin
Probar (o:ue) To try
El/ la próxim@ Next
El / la que viene The coming / Next
Querer (e:ie) To want
Recordar (o:ue) To remember
Repetir (e:i) To repeat
El restaurante Restaurant
Seguir (e:i) To follow / To keep (doing)
Servir (e:i) To serve
Sobrino/a Niece/Nephew
Su/sus His / Her / Your (formal) / Their / Your (plural, Latin America)
Suegro/a Father/Mother-in-law
El supermercado Supermarket / Grocery store
Tío/a Uncle/Aunt
Tu/tus Your (informal)
La universidad University/College
Volar (o:ue) To fly
Vuestro/a/os/as Your (plural, Spain)
Yerno Son-in-law
La zapatería Shoe store


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