Capítulo uno: Sobre mí

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Chapter Objectives

Before beginning this chapter, it is important to recognize which skills and tasks you will be expected to learn to perform. Do you already have some previous skills or knowledge in these areas that you can use to your advantage? Are there any topics that you foresee being difficult? If so, it is a good idea to pursue additional assistance to get ahead of any potential issues. You are the master of your education—you have the power to take ownership of your learning!

In this chapter, I will:

  • Get familiar with what Latino or Hispanic means
  • Greet and say goodbye to another person
  • Introduce myself, and others, to another person
  • Spell out words
  • List what classes I’m currently taking
  • Express what there is in my classroom
  • Identify definite and indefinite articles for nouns
  • Discuss cultural, geographical, and historical facts about Spain

Chapter Overview

Welcome to Libro Libre! In “Capítulo uno: Sobre mí,” we will dive right in, using Spanish to talk about our immediate context: introductions, greetings, and goodbyes. You will be able to share a little about yourself and learn about your classmates and instructors in order to better know the people you’ll be working with. As we continue in the chapter, you’ll talk with classmates about your classes. Some grammatical skills you will work on to support these conversations include definite and indefinite articles, the gender and number of nouns, and verbs such as haber to describe what you see in the classroom.


Table: Chapter Overview
Vocabulary Functions/Structures/Grammar Culture/Readings Pronunciation
Greetings and farewells Gender and number Reading/lectura Vowels (A, E, I, O, U)


Formal vs. informal Definite and indefinite articles ¿Quienes somos los latinos o hispanos?
Introductions Los patrones: Nouns Los hispanos en los Estados Unidos
Academic subjects Gender Introduction to Encantado
The alphabet Number La Sagrada Familia
In the classroom Country overview: España


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