77 Capítulo 7: Vocabulario del capítulo



Aburrir To bore
Agresivo/a/os/as Aggressive
Algo Something
Aquel/ aquella/ aquellas/ aquellos That / those (one/s) way over there
Bastante Pretty (as in “pretty cool”), more than, enough
La bruja Witch
El caballo


Caro/a/os/as Expensive
El chimpancé Chimpanzee
Cabezón/cabezona/cabezones/cabezonas Hardheaded/stubborn


Los caramelos Candies
Conocer To know (lived it)


Creativo/a/os/as Creative
Cualquier Any (paired with a noun)


Curioso/a/os/as Curious
El delfín / los delfines Dolphin(s)
Divertido/a/os/as Fun


El edificio Building
Encantar To love something (literally: to enchant)


El equipo Team
Esa/Ese/Eso That (one); eso is neutral
Esas/Esos These (ones)
Esta/Este/Esto This (one); esto is neutral
Estas/Estos These (ones)
Faltar To be lacking / missing
Fascinar To really like / to fascinate
Feroz/Feroces Ferocious
La flor Flower
El gorila Gorilla
La gorra Cap (baseball cap)
Grande(s) Big/large
Interesar To be interested
Importar To be important / to matter
Juguetón/juguetona/juguetones Playful
Junto/a/os/as Together
Lento/a/os/as Slow
Más que More than
(el/la/los/las) mayor(es) Older/Oldest
(el/la/los/las) mejor(es) Better/Best
(el/la/los/las) menor(es) Younger/Youngest
Menos que Less than
Mimado/a/os/as Spoiled/pampered
Molestar To bug / to bother / to annoy
Parecer To seem
Peligroso/a/os/as Dangerous
(el/la/los/las) peor(es) Worse
Pequeño/a/os/as Small/little
Perezoso/a/os/as Lazy
La pintura Painting
Quedar To remain / To have left
Rápido/a/os/as Fast
Saber To know (learned it)
Sociable(s) Social
Tan…como As much as
Tanto/a/os/as As much/as many
El tiburón / Los tiburones Shark(s)
Tonto/a/os/as Silly/stupid/dumb
El/la vecin@ Neighbor



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