Capítulo dos: ¿Cómo somos?

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Chapter Objectives

Before beginning this chapter, it is important to recognize which skills and tasks you will be expected to learn to perform. Do you already have some previous skills or knowledge in these areas that you can use to your advantage? Are there any topics that you foresee being difficult? If so, it is a good idea to pursue additional assistance to get ahead of any potential issues. You are the master of your education—you have the power to take ownership of your learning!

In this chapter, I will:

  1. Explain where I am from
  2. Describe myself and others
  3. Identify weather conditions and seasons
  4. Indicate how I feel
  5. Express where people or places around campus are located
  6. Express possession and what I have
  7. Relate information about Hispanics in the United States
  8. Discuss cultural, geographical, and historical facts about Chile

Chapter Overview

Welcome to chapter 2, “¿Cómo somos?” In chapter 1, you began learning about your classmates, your school, and your classes. You also learned how to introduce yourself and say goodbye in a formal and informal way. In chapter 2, you will continue sharing more about yourself and learning more about your classmates. You will begin by learning more vocabulary to describe yourself and the people who are important to you.





Emotions and physical conditions

Places around campus

Days, months,
 and seasons

Weather conditions

Numbers up to 100


Subject pronouns

The verb

The verb

Common prepositions used with

Number and gender in adjectives

Respond to personal questions with the verb



  • Dos universidades grandes
  • Fiestas en familia y cultura hispana

Country overview: Chile


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