Capítulo siete: ¿Qué te fascina?

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Chapter Objectives

Before beginning this chapter, it is important to recognize which skills and tasks you will be expected to learn to perform. Do you already have some previous skills or knowledge in these areas that you can use to your advantage? Are there any topics that you foresee being difficult? If so, it is a good idea to pursue additional assistance to get ahead of any potential issues. You are the master of your education—you have the power to take ownership of your learning!

In this chapter, I will:

  • Differentiate between the verbs saber and conocer to discuss things that are known in different situations
  • Manipulate sentences to incorporate indirect object pronouns
  • Express my preferences and other interests using verbs like gustar
  • Assemble sentences using demonstrative adjectives and pronouns to describe the world around me
  • Make comparisons of equality and inequality
  • Analyze a group of people or items and describe the extremes (i.e., tallest, shortest) using superlatives
  • Use the superlative suffix -ísmo/a/os/as to add emphasis to characteristics
  • Discuss cultural, geographical, and historical facts about Perú

Chapter Overview

Welcome to chapter 7, “¿Qué te fascina?” In this chapter, you will talk about places you like to visit, people you know, and things you are able to do. Also, you will be able to express personal preferences by talking about activities you like to do and different types of food you like to eat.




Present indicative of -ar verbs

Two-verb formation

Verb phrases:

The verbs saber and conocer to express “to know”

Direct object pronouns

Indirect object pronouns

Verbs like gustar

Adjectives and demonstrative pronouns

Comparisons of equality and inequality



El silbo gomero

Estación de Atocha

Country overview: Perú


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