Diseases and Disorders

Disease and Disorder Terms Built from Word Parts

anemia: when the number of RBCs or hemoglobin is deficient

angioma: tumor composed of blood vessels

angiostenosis: abnormal narrowing of a blood vessel

aortic stenosis: abnormal narrowing of the aorta

arteriosclerosis: hardening of the arteries

atherosclerosis: hardening of the arteries that involves the accumulation of plaque

cyanosis: abnormal condition of blue (bluish-color lips and nail beds), typically caused by low oxygenation

hematoma: a collection of blood outside of blood vessels, usually due to trauma, disease, or surgery

hypercholesterolemia: higher than normal levels of cholesterol in the blood

hyperlipidemia: excessive fat in the blood

hypertension: chronic and persistent blood pressure measurements of 140/90 mm Hg or above

hypertriglyceridemia: excessive triglycerides in the blood

hypotension: low blood pressure

hypothermia: low body temperature

hypoxemia: low blood oxygen levels

hypoxia: lower-than-normal amount of oxygen to tissues

ischemia: a condition in which cells receive insufficient amounts of blood and oxygen

leukemia: a cancer involving an abundance of leukocytes

leukocytopenia: lower-than-normal amounts of one or more types of white blood cells

leukocytosis: excessive leukocyte proliferation

myeloma: a tumor of the bone marrow affecting plasma cells (specialized B cells that produce antibodies)

myocarditis: inflammation of the myocardium

pancytopenia: lower-than-normal amounts of all blood cells

pericarditis: inflammation of the pericardium

phlebitis: inflammation of one or more veins

polyarteritis: inflammation of many arteries

polycythemia: an elevated RBC count

thrombocytopenia: lower-than-normal platelet count

thrombophlebitis: inflammation of a vein caused by a blood clot

thrombosis: formation of unwanted blood clots

thrombus: a blood clot; an aggregation of platelets, erythrocytes, and even WBCs typically trapped within a mass of fibrin strands

valvulitis: inflammation of a valve

Disease and Disorder Terms Not Built from Word Parts

aneurysm: weakening of the wall of a blood vessel, causing it to thin and balloon out and possibly eventually burst, resulting in internal bleeding

blood dyscrasia: a pathologic condition of the blood, usually referring to a disorder of the cellular elements of the blood

circulatory shock: a life-threatening condition in which the circulatory system is unable to maintain blood flow to adequately supply sufficient oxygen and other nutrients to the tissues to maintain cellular metabolism

coarctation of the aorta: a congenital condition in which a part of the aorta is narrower than usual

coronary artery disease: the blood vessels that supply blood to the myocardium become hardened and narrowed, impairing the delivery of oxygen to the heart muscle

deep vein thrombosis: a type of venous thrombosis involving the formation of a blood clot in a deep vein, most commonly in the legs

edema: swelling of tissues due to excess interstitial fluid

embolus: a freely moving piece of a substance (plaque or blood clot) that travels through the circulation until it blocks a smaller blood vessel, cutting off the supply of oxygen to the tissue

embolism: when an embolus becomes trapped

extravasation: leakage of blood into surrounding tissues

hemophilia: a group of related genetic disorders in which certain plasma clotting factors are lacking, inadequate, or nonfunctional

hemorrhage: excessive or uncontrolled bleeding from the blood vessels

intermittent claudication: pain in the legs caused by insufficient oxygen delivery in muscle tissue while exercising

peripheral artery disease: when atherosclerosis affects arteries in the legs

sepsis: a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the body’s response to an infection damages its own tissues; may lead to septic shock

varicose veins: when defective valves allow blood to accumulate within the veins, causing them to distend, twist, and become visible on the surface of the skin


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