Diseases and Disorders

Disease and Disorder Terms Built from Word Parts

Eye Terms

anisocoria: condition of absence of equal pupil size

aphakia: condition of the absence of a lens

blepharitis: inflammation of eyelid

blepharoptosis: drooping of the eyelid

conjunctivitis: inflammation of the conjunctiva; pinkeye

dacryocystitis: inflammation of the tear (lacrimal) sac

dacryostenosis: abnormal narrowing of a tear duct; blocked tear duct

diplopia: double vision

endophthalmitis: inflammation inside of the eye

iridoplegia: paralysis of the iris

iritis: inflammation of the iris

keratitis: inflammation of the cornea

keratomalacia: softening of the cornea

leukocoria: condition of having a white pupil

oculomycosis: fungal disease of the eye

ophthalmalgia: pain in the eye

ophthalmopathy: disease of the eye

ophthalmoplegia: paralysis of the eye

phacomalacia: softening of the lens

photophobia: sensitivity to light

pseudophakia: the condition of having a false lens (after cataract surgery)

retinoblastoma: malignant tumor of retina

retinopathy: disease of the retina

sclerokeratitis: inflammation of the sclera and cornea

scleromalacia: softening of the sclera

xerophthalmia: dry eye

Ear Terms

labyrinthitis: inflammation of the inner ear

mastoiditis: inflammation of the mastoid process

myringitis: inflammation of the tympanic membrane

otalgia: pain in the ear

otomastoiditis: inflammation of the ear and mastoid bone

otomycosis: fungus in the ear

otopyorrhea: pus discharge from the ear

otorrhea: any discharge from the ear

otosclerosis: hardening of the stapes bone

tympanitis: inflammation of the middle ear

Disease and Disorder Terms Not Built from Word Parts

Eye Terms

amblyopia: “lazy eye”; an eye that is not facing the same direction as the other eye

astigmatism: irregular curvature of a cornea or lens

blindness: lack of vision

cataract: cloudiness of a lens

chalazion: obstruction of an oil gland in an eyelid

diabetic retinopathy: disease of the retina due to diabetes complications

glaucoma: increased pressure within the eye

hyperopia: farsightedness; near objects look blurred but distant objects are more clearly visible

macular degeneration: loss or blurring of central vision due to deterioration of the central portion of the retina

myopia: nearsightedness; near objects are clear but far objects are not

nyctalopia: night blindness

nystagmus: involuntary jerking movement of the eyes

ophthalmia neonatorum: conjunctivitis in newborns

pinguecula: yellow mass on the conjunctiva

presbyopia: age-related loss of near vision

pterygium: thin tissue growing into the conjunctiva from the cornea; “eyeweb”

retinal detachment: when a retina separates partially or totally from the underlying chorion

strabismus: crossed eyes or eyes looking in different directions

sty: acute infection of eyelash hair follicle

Ear Terms

acoustic neuroma: a benign tumor in the internal auditory canal

ceruminoma: tumor of the ceruminous (earwax) gland

cholesteatoma: abnormal growth of skin in the middle ear

conductive hearing loss: occurs when there is a problem transferring sound waves anywhere along the pathway through the outer ear, tympanic membrane, or middle ear

Meniere disease: inflammation of the vestibulocochlear nerve; leads to vertigo and hearing loss

otitis externa: inflammation of the outer ear

otitis media: inflammation of the middle ear

presbycusis: hearing loss that takes place in old age

sensorineural hearing loss: hearing loss in which the root cause lies in the inner ear or the vestibulocochlear nerve

tinnitus: ringing or buzzing sound in the ears

vertigo: severe dizziness


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