Word Parts and Structural Terms

Combining Forms

albumin/o: albumin

azot/o: nitrogen or urea

cyst/o: bladder

glomerul/o: glomerulus

glyc/o, glycos/o: glucose, sugar

hydr/o: water, urine

lith/o: stone

meat/o: meatus

nephr/o: kidney

noct/i: night

olig/o: scanty, very small amount

pyel/o: pelvis

ren/o: kidney

ureter/o: ureter

urethr/o: urethra

ur/o, urin/o: urine

vesic/o: bladder


-esis: condition (noun)

-iasis: condition (noun)

-lysis: breakdown, dissolution (noun)

-ptosis: drooping, sagging (noun)

-rrhaphy: suturing, surgically repairing (noun)

-tripsy: crushing (noun)

-trophy: growth (noun)

-uria: urine (noun)

Structural Terms Built from Word Parts

meatal: pertaining to the meatus

renal: pertaining to the kidney

urinary: pertaining to the urine


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