Medical, Surgical, & Viewing Terms and Abbreviations

Medical Careers & Professional Terminology

Eye Terms

ophthalmologist: physician who can diagnose, treat, and manage eye diseases

ophthalmology: study of the eye

optician: medical specialist who fills prescriptions for lenses

optometrist: health professional who prescribes corrective lenses

optometry: the measurement of visual acuity

Ear Terms

audiologist: a medical specialist who studies hearing and hearing disorders

audiology: study of hearing

otologist: physician who diagnoses and treats ear diseases

otology: study of ear diseases

otorhinolaryngologist: physician who diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, and throat

Imaging/Audiology Techniques/Procedures for the Organ System

Eye Techniques/Procedures

keratometer: instrument used to measure the curvature of the eye

miotic: an agent that causes the pupil to constrict

mydriatic: an agent that causes the pupil to dilate

ophthalmoscope: instrument used to view the eye

ophthalmoscopy: visual exam of the eye

optometry: measuring vision

pupillometer: instrument that measures pupil diameter

pupilloscope: instrument used for visual examination of the pupil

retinoscopy: process of viewing the retina

tonometer: instrument that measures intraocular pressure

tonometry: the measurement of intraocular pressure

Ear Techniques/Procedures

audiogram: graphic record of hearing

audiometry: the process of measuring hearing

electrocochleography: process of recording the electrical activity in the cochlea

otoscope: instrument used to visually examine the ear

otoscopy: the process of visual examination of the ear

tympanometer: instrument used to measure the middle ear

tympanometry: measurement of the tympanic membrane

Medical and Surgical Techniques/Procedures Used for the Organ System

Eye Techniques/Procedures

blepharoplasty: surgical repair of eyelid

cryoretinopexy: surgical fixation of the retina using extreme cold

dacryocystorhinostomy: creation of an artificial opening between the lacrimal sac and the nose (to restore drainage)

enucleation: surgical removal of an eyeball

intraocular lens: an artificial lens implanted in the eye during cataract surgery

iridectomy: excision of part of an iris

iridotomy: incision into the iris

keratoplasty: surgical repair of the cornea

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis): reshaping the cornea with a laser to correct vision problems

phacoemulsification: removal of a cataract with an ultrasonic needle probe

photorefractive keratectomy: using a laser to flatten the cornea to correct nearsightedness

scleral buckling: surgical procedure to repair a detached retina

sclerotomy: incision into the sclera

trabeculectomy: surgical creation of a drain to reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma

vitrectomy: surgical removal of all or part of the vitreous humor

Ear Techniques/Procedures

cochlear implant: surgically implanted device that partially restores hearing

labyrinthectomy: excision of the inner ear (labyrinth)

mastoidectomy: excision of the air cells of the mastoid process

mastoidotomy: incision into the mastoid process

myringoplasty: surgical repair of the tympanic membrane

myringotomy: incision in the tympanic membrane

stapedectomy: excision of the stapes bone (to be replaced with a prosthetic bone)

tympanoplasty: surgical repair of the eardrum and ossicles

Abbreviations Commonly Used with the Organ System

Eye Abbreviations

ARMD: age-related macular degeneration

Ast: astigmatism

Em: emmetropia

IOL: intraocular lens

IOP: intraocular pressure

LASIK: laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis

Ophth: ophthalmology

PHACO: phacoemulsification

PRK: photorefractive keratectomy

VA: visual acuity

Ear Abbreviations

AOM: acute otitis media

ENT: ears, nose, throat

EENT: eyes, ears, nose, and throat

OM: otitis media

Medical Terms Practice

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