Word Parts and Structural Terms

Combining Forms

abdomin/o: abdomen, abdominal

an/o: anus

antr/o: antrum

append/o, appendic/o: appendix

cec/o: cecum

celi/o: abdomen, abdominal cavity

cheil/o: lip

cholangi/o: bile duct

chol/e: gall, bile

choledoch/o: common bile duct

col/o: colon

colon/o: colon

diverticul/o: diverticulum

duoden/o: duodenum

enter/o: intestine

esophag/o: esophagus

gastr/o: stomach

gingiv/o: gum

gloss/o: tongue

hepat/o: liver

herni/o: hernia, protrusion of an organ through a membrane or cavity wall

ile/o: ileum

jejun/o: jejunum

lapar/o: abdomen, abdominal cavity

lingu/o: tongue

lith/o: stone

or/o: mouth

palat/o: palate

pancreat/o: pancreas

peritone/o: peritoneum

polyp/o: polyp, small growth

proct/o: rectum

pylor/o: pylorus

rect/o: rectum

sial/o: saliva, salivary gland

sigmoid/o: sigmoid colon

steat/o: fat

stomat/o: mouth

uvul/o: uvula


hemi-: half

endo-: within, in

sub-: under, below

dys-: painful, abnormal, difficult, labored


-ac: pertaining to (adjective)

-al: pertaining to (adjective)

-cele: hernia, protrusion (noun)

-centesis: surgical puncture to aspirate fluid (noun)

-ectomy: excision (noun)

-gram: the record, radiographic image (noun)

-graph: instrument used to record (noun)

-graphy: process of recording (noun)

-ia: condition of, diseased state, abnormal state (noun)

-iasis: condition (noun)

-itis: inflammation (noun)

-logist: specialist or physician who studies and treats (noun)

-logy: study of (noun)

-malacia: softening (noun)

-osis: abnormal condition (noun)

pathy: disease (noun)

-pepsia: digestion (noun)

-phagia: eating or swallowing (noun)

-plasty: surgical repair (noun)

-ptosis: prolapse, drooping (noun)

-rrhaphy: suturing, repairing (noun)

-rrhea: flow, discharge (noun)

-scope: instrument used for visualization (noun)

-scopy: process of viewing, visualization (noun)

-stomy: creation of an artificial opening (noun)

-tomy: incision, cut into (noun)

Structural Terms Built from Word Parts

abdominal: pertaining to the abdomen

anal: pertaining to the anus

celiac: pertaining to the abdomen

colorectal: pertaining to the colon and rectum

duodenal: pertaining to the duodenum

esophageal: pertaining to the esophagus

gastric: pertaining to the stomach

ileocecal: pertaining to the ileum and cecum

lingual: pertaining to the tongue

nasogastric: pertaining to the nose and stomach

oral: pertaining to the mouth

pancreatic: pertaining to the pancreas

peritoneal: pertaining to the peritoneum

rectal: pertaining to the rectum

stomatogastric: pertaining to the mouth and stomach

sublingual: pertaining to under the tongue


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