Word Parts and Structural Terms

Combining Forms

andr/o: male

balan/o: glans penis

epididym/o: epididymis

gonad/o: gonad

orch/o: testis, testicle

orchi/o: testis, testicle

orchid/o: testis, testicle

pen/i: penis

pen/o: penis

phall/o: penis

preputi/o: prepuce, foreskin

posth/o: prepuce, foreskin

prostat/o: prostate gland

scrot/o: scrotum

semin/i: semen

sperm/o: sperm, spermatozoon

spermat/o: sperm, spermatozoon

test/o: testis, testicle

testicular/o: testis, testicle

urethr/o: urethra

vas/o: vas deferens, vessel, duct

vesicul/o: seminal vesicle


a-: absence of, without

an-: absence of, without

crypt-: hidden

dys-: painful, difficult

en-: in

epi-: above

hydro-: water

hyper-: above, excessive

hypo-: below

par-: near

poly-: much or many

trans-: through, across, beyond


-al: pertaining to

-algia: pain

-ar: pertaining to

-atic: pertaining to

-cision: processing of cutting

-ectomy: excision or surgical removal

-ferous: pertaining to

-genesis: production

-gram: record

-graphy: process of recording

-ia: diseased state, abnormal state, condition of, condition

-ic: pertaining to

-ile: pertaining to

-ism: state of, condition

-itis: inflammation

-logy: study of

-lysis: loosening, dissolution, separating

-oma: tumor, mass

-ous: pertaining to

-pathy: disease

-pexy: surgical fixation, suspension

-plasia: development, growth

-plasty: surgical repair

-rrhea: flow, discharge

-sis: condition

-stomy: creation of new opening, process of new opening

-tion: process of

-tomy: cut into, incision

Structural Terms Built from Word Parts

epididymal: pertaining to the epididymis

penile: pertaining to the penis

prostatic: pertaining to the prostate

scrotal: pertaining to the scrotum

seminiferous: pertaining to semen

testicular: pertaining to the testicle or testicles

urethral: pertaining to the urethra

Medical Terms Not Built from Word Parts

coitus: sexual intercourse between male and female

condom: sheath or cover for the penis worn during coitus to prevent conception and spread of sexually transmitted infection

gamete: haploid reproductive cell that contributes genetic material to form an offspring

gonads: reproductive organs (testes in men and ovaries in women) that produce gametes and reproductive hormones

infertility: inability to achieve pregnancy

semen: ejaculatory fluid composed of sperm and secretions from the seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands

sperm (spermatozoon): male gamete

spermatogenesis: formation of new sperm; occurs in the seminiferous tubules of the testes

spermatogonia: diploid precursor cells that become sperm (singular = spermatogonium)

sterility: a condition of being unable to conceive or reproduce


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