Word Parts and Structural Terms

Combining Forms

arche/o: first, beginning

cervic/o: cervix

colp/o: vagina

endometri/o: endometrium

episi/o: vulva

gyn/o: woman

gynec/o: woman

hymen/o: hymen

hyster/o: uterus

mamm/o: breast

mast/o: breast

men/o: menstruation

metr/o: uterus

metr/i: uterus

oophor/o: ovary

pelv/i: pelvis, pelvic bones, pelvic cavity

perine/o: perineum

salping/o: uterine tube, fallopian tube

trachel/o: cervix

vagin/o: vagina

vulv/o: vulva



a-: absence of, without

an-: absence of, without

anti-: opposed to, against

dys-: painful, difficult, abnormal, labored

endo-: within

peri-: surrounding

poly-: much or many


-al: pertaining to

-atresia: occlusion, closure

-clesis: surgical closure

-ectomy: excision, surgical removal

-gram: record, image

-graphy: process of recording or imaging

-itis: inflammation

-logist: specialist or physician who studies and treats

-logy: study of

-osis: abnormal condition

-pexy: surgical fixation, suspension

-plasty: surgical repair

-rrhaphy: suturing, repairing

-rrhea: flow, discharge

-salpinx: uterine tube

-scope: instrument used for visual examination

-scopy: visually examining

-tomy: cut into, incision

Structural Terms Built from Word Parts

cervical: pertaining to the cervix

ovarian: pertaining to one or both ovaries

tubal: pertaining to one or both fallopian tubes

uterine: pertaining to the uterus

vaginal: pertaining to the vagina

vulval: pertaining to the vulva

Female Reproductive System Medical Terms

androgens: male hormones.

antiandrogens: a group of medications that counteract the effects of male hormones

contraception: intentional prevention of conception (pregnancy)

menarche: first menstrual period

oocyte: female gamete

ovulation: release of ovum from a mature Graafian follicle


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