Word Parts and Structural Terms

Combining Forms

angi/o: vessel, blood vessel

aort/o: aorta

arteri/o: artery

ather/o: fatty plaque

cyt/o: cell

hemat/o: blood

hem/o: blood

isch/o: deficiency, blockage

lymph/o: lymph, lymph tissue

lymphaden/o: lymph node, lymph tissue

myel/o: bone marrow, spinal cord

phleb/o: vein

plasm/o: plasma

therm/o: heat

thromb/o: clot

thym/o: thymus gland

splen/o: spleen

ven/o: vein


a-: absence of, without

endo-: within, in

epi-: on, upon, over

hypo-: below, deficient

hyper-: above, excessive

inter-: between

pan-: all, total

peri-: surrounding, around

poly-: many, much


-ac: pertaining to (adjective)

-apheresis: removal (noun)

-ar: pertaining to (adjective)

-centesis: surgical puncture to aspirate fluid (noun)

-ectomy: excision, surgical removal (noun)

-emia: in the blood (noun)

-genic: producing, originating, causing (adjective)

-gram: record, radiographic image (noun)

-graph: instrument used to record (noun)

-graphy: process of recording, radiographic imaging (noun)

-ia: condition of, diseased state, abnormal state (noun)

-ic: pertaining to (adjective)

-itis: inflammation (noun)

-logist: specialist, physician who studies and treats (noun)

-logy: specialty (noun)

-lysis: loosening, dissolution, separating (noun)

-megaly: enlarged, enlargement (noun)

-oma: tumor (noun)

-osis: abnormal condition (noun)

-tomy: cut into, incision (noun)

-ous: pertaining to (adjective)

-pathy: disease (noun)

-penia: abnormal reduction in number (noun)

-pexy: surgical fixation, suspension (noun)

-plasty: surgical repair (noun)

-poiesis: formation (noun)

-sclerosis: hardening (noun)

-stenosis: narrowing, constriction (noun)

-scope: instrument used to view (noun)

-scopy: process of viewing (noun)

-stasis: stop, stopping, controlling (noun)

-stenosis: narrowing, constriction (noun)

Structural Terms Built from Word Parts

arterial: pertaining to the arteries

intravenous: pertaining to within the veins

venous: pertaining to the veins


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