Medical, Surgical, & Viewing Terms and Abbreviations

Medical Careers & Professional Terminology

nephrology: study of the kidneys

nephrologist: physician specializing in kidney disorders and treatment

urology: study of the urinary system

urologist: physician specializing in urinary system disorders and treatment

Imaging Techniques / Diagnostic Procedures for the Organ System

blood urea nitrogen: a laboratory test that measures the amount of urea nitrogen in the blood; indicates kidney function

cystogram: an x-ray image obtained after contrast media injected into the bladder

cystography: the process of obtaining a cystogram

cystoscope: a thin tube with a camera or lens, used to visualize the bladder

cystoscopy: visual examination of the bladder using a cystoscope

intravenous urogram: an x-ray image obtained after injecting contrast media to visually evaluate the entire urinary tract

nephrography: the process of obtaining a radiographic image of the kidney

nephroscopy: visual examination of the kidney

nephrosonography: obtaining a visual recording of the kidney via ultrasound waves

nephrotomogram: an image obtained via intravenous contrast media and x-ray tomography

renogram: an x-ray image obtained after injecting contrast media to evaluate blood flow in the kidney

specific gravity: a measurement of the density of a fluid (such as urine) compared to water

ureteroscopy: visual examination of the ureter

urethroscopy: visual examination of the urethra

urinalysis: analyzing the composition of urine via laboratory tests

urodynamics: any procedure that measures how well the bladder and urethra store and release urine

voiding cystourethrogram: a procedure that uses x-rays and a contrasting agent to evaluate the size, shape, and capacity of the bladder and urethra

Medical/Surgical Techniques & Procedures

cystectomy: surgical removal of the bladder

cystolithotomy: surgical incision to remove a bladder stone

cystorrhaphy: surgical suturing of the bladder

cystostomy: surgical creation of an opening in the bladder to void urine outside the body

cystotomy: surgical incision of the bladder

extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy: administering a series of shock waves to break apart a kidney stone

fulguration: using a laser to destroy living tissue, such as bladder lesions

hemodialysis: purifying the blood of a patient whose kidneys no longer function properly; can utilize a dialysis machine or the patient’s peritoneum

meatotomy: surgical incision of the urinary meatus

nephrectomy: surgical removal of a kidney

nephrolithotripsy: surgical crushing and removal of a kidney stone

nephropexy: surgical suspension of a kidney

nephrostomy: surgical creation of an opening in the kidney to void urine outside the body

pyelolithotomy: surgical incision to remove stone from the renal pelvis

pyeloplasty: surgical repair of the renal pelvis

renal transplant: transplanting a donor kidney into a recipient when their own kidneys no longer function

ureterectomy: surgical removal of a ureter

urethroplasty: surgical repair of a ureter

urinal: a device for collecting urine

urinary catheterization: placing a catheter inside the urethra for collecting urine

vesicourethral suspension: surgical suspension of the bladder and urethra; often performed to treat stress incontinence

void: to empty urine from the body


ARF: acute renal failure

BUN: blood urea nitrogen

cath: catheter, catheterization

CKD: chronic kidney disease

ESRD: end-stage renal disease

ESWL: extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

HD: hemodialysis

KUB: kidney, ureter, and bladder radiographic image

OAB: overactive bladder

SG: specific gravity

UA: urinalysis

UTI: urinary tract infection

VCUG: voiding cystourethrogram

Medical Terms Practice

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