Word Parts and Structural Terms

Combining Forms

adenoid/o: adenoid/pharyngeal tonsil

alveol/o: alveolus

atel/o: incomplete

bronchi/o: bronchus

bronch/o: bronchus

capn/o: carbon dioxide

diaphragmat/o: diaphragm

epiglott/o: epiglottis

hem/o: blood

laryng/o: larynx

lob/o: lobe of lung

muc/o: mucus

nas/o: nose

orth/o: straight

ox/i, ox/o: oxygen

pharyng/o: pharynx

phon/o: sound, voice

phren/o: diaphragm

pleur/o: pleura

pneum/o: lung, air

pneumat/o: lung, air

pneumon/o: lung, air

pulmon/o: lung

py/o: pus

rhin/o: nose

sept/o: septum/dividing wall

sinus/o: sinus

spir/o: breathing

thorac/o: thorax, chest

tonsill/o: tonsil

trache/o: trachea


a-/an-: absence of

dys-: painful, abnormal, difficult, labored

endo-: within, inside

eu-: normal, healthy

hemi-: half

pan-: all

poly-: many

sub-: under, below

tachy-: rapid


-al: pertaining to (adjective)

-algia: pain (noun)

-ar, -ary: pertaining to (adjective)

-cele: hernia (noun)

-centesis: surgical puncture to aspirate fluid (noun)

-ectasis: expansion (noun)

-ectomy: excision (noun)

-gram: the record, radiographic image (noun)

-graph: instrument used to record (noun)

-graphy: process of recording (noun)

-ia: condition of, diseased state, abnormal state (noun)

-iasis: condition (noun)

-itis: inflammation (noun)

-logist: specialist or physician who studies and treats (noun)

-logy: study of (noun)

-meter: instrument for measuring (noun)

-metry: process of measuring (noun)

-oma: tumor (noun)

-osis: abnormal condition (noun)

-pathy: disease (noun)

-pexy: surgical fixation (noun)

-plasty: surgical repair (noun)

-pnea: breathing (noun)

-rrhea: flow, discharge (noun)

-scope: instrument used for visualization (noun)

-scopy: process of viewing, visualization (noun)

-spasm: involuntary muscular contraction (noun)

-stomy: creation of an artificial opening (noun)

Structural Terms Built from Word Parts

adenoidal: pertaining to the adenoid/pharyngeal tonsil

alveolar: pertaining to one or more alveoli

bronchial: pertaining to one or more bronchi

bronchoalveolar: pertaining to the bronchi and alveoli

cardiopulmonary: pertaining to the heart and lungs

diaphragmatic: pertaining to the diaphragm

endotracheal: pertaining to within the trachea:

interpleural: pertaining to between the pleura (space between the pleural membranes)

laryngeal: pertaining to the larynx

lobar: pertaining to a lobe of a lung

mediastinal: pertaining to the mediastinum

mucous: pertaining to mucus

pharyngeal: pertaining to the pharynx

phrenic: pertaining to the diaphragm

pleural: pertaining to the pleura

pulmonary: pertaining to one or both lungs

respiratory: pertaining to the act of breathing

thoracic: pertaining to the chest

tonsillar: pertaining to one or more tonsils

tracheal: pertaining to the trachea


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