Medical, Surgical, & Viewing Terms and Abbreviations

Medical Careers & Professional Terminology

cardiology: the study of the heart and its disorders

cardiology technologists: perform diagnostic tests such as electrocardiography, stress testing, Holter monitor testing, and ambulatory blood pressure testing, as well as pacemaker monitoring and programming

cardiologist: a physician specializing in cardiology

cardiovascular perfusionists: responsible for operation of the heart-lung bypass machine during open heart surgery; also monitor the patient’s vitals, administering IV fluids and other drugs

Imaging Techniques/Procedures for the Organ System

coronary angiogram: a visual record of coronary angiography

coronary angiography: a procedure that uses contrast dye, usually containing iodine, and x-ray pictures to detect blockages in the coronary arteries that are caused by plaque buildup

Surgical Techniques/Medical Procedures/Diagnostic Procedures/Medications Used with the Organ System

artificial cardiac pacemaker: a small, battery-operated medical device that generates electrical impulses delivered by electrodes to cause the heart muscle chambers to contract and pump blood

auscultation: listening to a patient’s heart sounds

automatic implantable cardiac defibrillator: an electronic implant that provides an automatic shock to convert a dangerous heart rhythm to a normal heart rhythm

cardiac catheterization: a procedure in which a thin, flexible tube is guided through a blood vessel to the heart to diagnose or treat certain heart conditions

catheter ablation: Using extreme heat or extreme cold to destroy cells in parts of the heart that were causing abnormal rhythms

coronary artery bypass graft: a nonvital superficial vessel from another part of the body (often the great saphenous vein) or a synthetic vessel is inserted to create a path around the blocked area of a coronary artery

coronary stent: a tiny coil of wire mesh that supports the walls of a coronary artery and helps prevent it from re-narrowing after angioplasty

echocardiogram: a visual record using sound to record the heart

echocardiography: Process of using sound to record the heart.

electrocardiogram: a visual record of the electrical impulses in the heart

electrocardiograph: a device used to create an electrocardiogram

electrocardiography: the process of recording the electrical impulses of the heart

exercise stress test: a test that shows how the heart works during physical activity

pericardiocentesis: removal of pericardial fluid for treatment or testing

valvuloplasty: surgical repair of a heart valve

Abbreviations Commonly Used with the Organ System

ACS: acute coronary syndrome

Afib: atrial fibrillation

AICD: automatic implantable cardiac defibrillator

AV: atrioventricular

CAD: coronary artery disease

CPR: cardiopulmonary resuscitation

ECG/EKG: electrocardiogram

ECHO: echocardiogram

HF: heart failure

HHD: hypertensive heart disease

MI: myocardial infarction

Medical Terms Practice

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