This textbook is designed to teach medical terminology, the language of medicine, in an engaging and meaningful way. Learning medical terminology will allow the learner to more easily understand the language of medicine and utilize this knowledge throughout their academic and medical-based career. While learning medical terms in this course, the learner will also learn basic anatomy and physiology, as well as basic diseases and professions dealing with each body system.

Chapters 1-3 introduce the learner to the way that word parts are put together and other relevant terminology. Chapters 4-17 review separate body systems and provide a brief overview of the anatomy and physiology of the system followed by word list sections. The body system chapters begin with a short video that will introduce the learner to the system. On some occasions, these videos are placed further in the chapter. Chapters also contain words in bold that are meant to catch the reader’s eye, letting them know this is a new important term. Many of these words are mentioned later in the chapter as well. Each chapter concludes with a set of references used to create the chapter and a practice section containing interactive elements and practice exercises. The combination of word lists and their definitions with interactive content and real-world scenarios will aid the learner to understand, retain, and utilize the information within flashcards with audio options, images, drag-and-drop exercises, and more.

Upon completion of the textbook, students will be able to:

  1. Analyze, build, and define medical terms correctly using knowledge of word parts
  2. Demonstrate proper pronunciation and spelling of medical terminology
  3. Utilize medical terminology on body systems
  4. Decipher medical terms and abbreviations related to health professions
  5. Select correct medical terms and basic medical terms to facilitate communication in the medical setting

In order to accomplish these outcomes, the authors recommend reading the chapter in full. Next, study the word parts and the full words related to the body system. Then complete practice exercises at the end of each chapter in order to test yourself. Creating note cards for each chapter is recommended.


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